2023 Fredericton Encaenia

Dr. Allan Adam

Professor Emeritus



Professor Emeritus in Chemistry

Dr. Allan Adam earned a BSc in Physics (’79) and an MSc in Physics (’81) from the University of Western Ontario and a PhD from the University of Waterloo (’85).

Joining UNB as an assistant professor in 1991, he became a full professor eight years later. Dr. Adam’s excellence in teaching has been recognized with a 2003 UNB Merit Award and a James Tong Teaching Award in 2014. During his time, he served the University with commitment and integrity.

While at UNB, Dr. Adam maintained continual NSERC Discovery (Research) and Equipment grants for his world-class research program in molecular spectroscopy, totalling over $1.4 million. He continues to be active in retirement, and is highly respected internationally in the field of molecular spectroscopy, with theorists often citing his high quality experimental work in validating their methods. His expertise continues to be valued for reviews of journal articles, grants, theses, invited lectures and conference organization. His impact on the international stage is exemplified by his ongoing and long-standing collaborations in the United States (Arizona) and France (Lyon).

For the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Adam has had terms as both Chair and Acting Chair. He has been a member of the Graduate School Executive and Level II Assessment Committees and the science representative on the UNB Fredericton Senate. Serving the community, he has judged Canada-wide and Fredericton Area Science Fairs, coached soccer and squash and played in the Society of Saint Andrew Pipe Band. In addition, he has piped at numerous graduation ceremonies held on the Fredericton campus.

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