About The Database

This database chronicles honorary degree recipients from 1828 through present day, often including the text of speeches and citations presented at the annual encaenia or convocation ceremony, along with an attached photograph. [When no honorary degrees were conferred at a particular encaenia or convocation, that is noted. As new recipients are recognised, and new addresses given, the database will be updated.] Details about honorees at Special Convocations are also included.

In the pre-1900 period, addresses/orations were not presented every year and post-1900 addresses that do not appear are either indicated as "no address given" or were unavailable; the field is left blank if the addressee's name is unknown. In recent years addresses have ceased appearing in newspapers in full or partial extracts, and convocation addresses have especially been neglected.

There has been a concerted effort on the part of the UNB Archives' staff to collect encaenia-related material. Aside from University Records, various other resources were used to locate information on honorees and texts of orations/addresses: Daily GleanerTelegraph JournalUniversity MonthlyBrunswickanAlumni Bulletin, and Perspectives. The addresses and citations that appear in the database have been transcribed verbatim for the most part. In certain instances, spellings have been corrected. Unknown or partial words appear in brackets.

There are gaps in the record. We welcome information relating to photographs or texts of speeches that may be in the possession of alumni or friends of UNB.