2019 Fredericton Encaenia - Ceremony A

Montague, Susan Guilford

Doctor of Letters (D.Litt.)

Orator: Kealey, Linda


to be Doctor of Letters

Susan Guilford Montague has worn many hats—as communications professional, fundraiser par excellence, author, project manager and even circus performer. With a Bachelor’s in English from Bryn Mawr and a Master of Education from the University of Pennsylvania, she moved to New Brunswick in the mid-1970s and began her career at UNB in 1981 as a Publications Associate, moving on to become Information Officer and Editor of UNB Perspectives, and then Director of Public Relations and Information.

From 1987 to 2006, Susan filled the role of Director of Development. She has been a trusted advisor to five presidents. In 1998-99 she was seconded from her directorship to provide guidance and leadership to UNB’s renewal process.  During her time as Director she was instrumental in two capital campaigns, the Venture Campaign and the Forging Our Futures Campaign.  Although she supposedly retired in 2006, the lure of UNB proved too strong and she eventually returned to campus for special assignments such as a project on how to improve financial aid to students. Most recently, Susan served as Senior Campaign Advisor to the capital campaign “It Begins Here.” Over three capital campaigns she has been instrumental in raising over 200 million dollars for UNB, a significant achievement.

Susan has been a champion of the university for almost 40 years. One of her other significant contributions has been the authorship of A Pictorial History of UNB, a 300-page volume with more than 500 illustrations, serving as a key source of information regarding UNB’s history. Susan has also been an avid supporter of the UNB Associated Alumni; in 2003 her outstanding service was recognized with an Honorary membership. UNB recognized her with the President’s Medal in 2006. As well, family, friends and colleagues contributed to a UNB bursary in her name.

Susan record of professional service includes her role as member, president, chair, and co-chair of the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (the CCAE) for over 15 years, as well as serving as member, Secretary of the Board and Chair of the International Committee of the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education. Both organizations have acknowledged her contributions: the CCAE presented her with its Distinguished Service Medal and CASE awarded her the Eleanor Collier award for “her work ethic, her dedication to the University of New Brunswick, her unstinting volunteerism and unflagging loyalty to the ideals of higher education...”

In her precious spare time, Susan volunteered on many YMCA boards over the years, served on the Board of Directors for SHAD and on the board of the Theatre New Brunswick Foundation. In recognition of her many contributions, UNB is proud to award her an Honorary Doctor of Letters.

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