1971 Fredericton Encaenia

Bell, Robert Edward

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)

Orator: Condon, Thomas J.

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L to R: Sir Max Aitken, Robert Edward Bell
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Source: Joe Stone fonds-UA RG340, 1971 (#8892A)


to be Doctor of Science

A distinguished nuclear physicist, Dr. Bell has been a research pioneer in such specialized areas as radar, atomic energy, and radiation. Much of his career has been at McGill University -- as Rutherford Professor of Physics, as Director of the Foster Radiation Laboratory, as Vice-Dean and Dean, and now as Principal and Vice-Chancellor, a post to which he was appointed in 1970.

His scientific peers have honored him here and abroad for his many achievements. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. In 1967 he received the Canadian Centennial Medal and the following year the Canadian Association of Physicists bestowed on him their medal for Achievement in Physics.

The piloting of Universities is never an easy task and this is especially so in these difficult times when deficits loom large and the demands for increased services mount ever higher. As Principal of one of Canada's oldest and most distinguished Universities, Dr. Bell faces enormous problems and enormous challenges as he sets about to find a proper course for the development of McGill in the last quarter of the twentieth century. He has the confidence of his own University and the best wishes of this institution and our sister Universities throughout Canada.

From: Honoris Causa - UA Case 70, Box 1

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