1971 Fredericton Encaenia

Bates, John Seaman

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)

Orator: Condon, Thomas J.

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L to R: Sir Max Aitken, John Seaman Bates
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Source: Joe Stone fonds-UA RG340, 1971 (#8892C)


to be Doctor of Science

Born in that other Woodstock in the Province of Ontario, John Seaman Bates ventured forth to Acadia University in Nova Scotia for his baccalaureate and then went on to Columbia in New York to earn its first doctorate in chemical engineering. Born in the nineteenth century, he has laboured against heavy odds in the twentieth century to further his ideas on forest and water conservation that must surely come to pass if man is to survive on planet earth into the twenty-first century.

A regionalist as well as a conservationist, he was a one-man Maritime union in the mid 1960's in the area of water conservation, serving as Chairman of the New Brunswick Water Authority and also as Chairman of the same bodies in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

President of the Chemical Institute of Canada, Chairman of the Canadian Forestry Association, he received the Distinguished Service Award of the Ontario Water Resources Commission in 1965 and a Centennial Award in 1967. Much honoured by the professions and by universities for his contributions to the cause of conservation, Dr. Bates has seen his early concern about pollution become an urgent issue for peoples and governments all over the world. UNB is pleased to honour this man who lived among us for so many years.

From: Honoris Causa - UA Case 70, Box 1

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