2010 Fredericton Convocation

Sharpe, Dawn

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)

Orator: Mason, Gordon


to be Doctor of Science

Dawn Sharpe was born on the Quebec side of the Restigouche River and grew up on the New Brunswick side in Tide Head. He graduated from UNB in 1964 with a bachelor of science in civil engineering. His yearbook entry says that he was late for freshman registration, but judging from his subsequent career it seems unlikely that this was in any way detrimental. While at UNB Dawn participated in several intramural sports including hockey, bowling and football. He was also president of the Engineering Society of his senior year.

After graduation, Dawn moved to Alberta to work in the oil industry starting with Sacony Mobil at one of the preliminary test sites in the oil sands at Fort McMurray, and continuing with Atlantic Richfield. In 1974 he went out on his own, founding Marlex Engineering, a firm serving the oil industry, and Ramier Resources, an oil company. Although he is semi-retired he remains president and owner of Ramier Resources Ltd. in Calgary.

Sharpe family graduates of UNB include Dawn's brother and his son, and Dawn has long been a strong supporter of UNB. He was the lead cabinet member for Calgary during UNB's Venture Campaign and he has donated to the Associated Alumni Scholarship Fund, the Gillin Engineering Equipment Fund, the Elizabeth Parr-Johnston Graduate Fellowship and the Susan Montague Bursary Fund, as well as to several unrestricted funds.

Grateful for the modest scholarship he received on entering UNB and concerned about the challenges many students face by having to work while attending university, Dawn and his wife Susan established the Sharpe Family Scholarship. They have recently increased the amount of this renewable award, now valued at $11,000, to reflect rising tuition costs and moreover have fully endowed a second award of equal value.

Dawn's hobbies include salmon fishing and tending to the acreage on which he lives in Calgary. He is a certified master gardener, and a runner of marathons.

A successful engineer and entrepreneur, and a generous philanthropist, Dawn Sharpe has recognized the financial difficulties faced by many students, and has acted to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to obtain a university education. We are pleased today to recognize one of our own by granting this honorary degree.

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