2016 Fredericton Encaenia - Ceremony B

Jensen, Peter

Doctor of Science (D.Sc.)


to be Doctor of Science

During Peter Jensen's undergraduate days at UNB in the 1960s, he was introduced to the new field of sport psychology in his Physical Education program. For him this was the beginning of a life-long relationship with sport psychology and leadership training. Not only did he earn a doctorate from the University of Alberta in the subject, he also has taught in numerous programs at Queen's University's Smith School of Business, including the MBA and EMBA. He helped design their Executive Leadership Program and founded Performance Coaching Inc., a leading Canadian coaching firm. Author of three books, the most recent titled Thriving in a 24-7 World: An Energizing Tale About Growing through Pressure, Peter Jensen combines skills and knowledge in both sports and the corporate world. In doing so he has had a significant impact on the lives and careers of both national athletes and corporate executives.

Most impressively, his love of sports and his skills in psychology have led him to the Olympic Games. Since 1988 he has worked with 70 Olympic medalists preparing athletes for 17 Olympic Games. As a member of Canada's Olympic Team he has participated in eight Olympic Games. As a team member he assisted Canada's Gold Medal winning Women's Hockey team in 2006, 2010 and 2014. As Olympian and team captain, Hayley Wickenheiser, said: "Peter has the great ability to put athletes and teams at ease ... Time and time again he has been the voice of reason in pressure-filled situations, and his knowledge of the human body, as it responds to the pressures of sport, is second to none."

Recently he became sport psychologist for Canada's national Women's Basketball team. That's the team that beat the US to win gold at the Pan American Games in Toronto in 2015 and beat Cuba that same year at the FIBA Americas Championship to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro. Peter will be with them.

Much of his work in sports and leadership has been voluntary and he continues to give of his time to non-profit groups, NGOs, schools and charitable groups such as Princess Margaret Hospital and Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto where he lives but also to the NB Muscular Dystrophy Association and to Juvenile Diabetes, to name a few. Peter Jensen is also generous with his time, talent and financial support to UNB. In recognition of his many accomplishments, UNB is extremely pleased to award Peter Jensen an Honorary Doctorate.

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