1879 Fredericton Encaenia

President's Address

Delivered by: Jack, William Brydone


"The Encoenia. Lieut-Governor Chandler Presides at the Exercises. Dr. Jack's Address ..." The Daily Telegraph (27 June 1879): 2.

"Dr. Jack opened the exercises by making a few remarks, in which he offered an apology for the absence of an address from one of the professors, as is the custom. This year the lot fell upon the Classical Professor, but it being impossible for Mr. Foster to be present, that part of the programme would have to be omitted, and instead he would make a few observations. He then proceeded to speak of the history of the University from its inception. He announced that they were now celebrating the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the institution. He complained of the want of sufficient endorsement. The Government had been its only benefactor, but the finances of the Province were in such a state at present that the Government were unable to add anything to the sum now provided. Where, then, must we look for increased support? It must be the graduates and to other individuals philanthropically inclined. Fredericton should do something in the matter. He recounted the advantages, pecuniary and otherwise, that this city receives from being the educational centre of the Province, and remarked that he himself intended putting aside his native Scotch modesty (laughter) and going down among the citizens to ask for the sum of $1,000 to make improvements in the apparatus room. Before closing he made an earnest appeal to the graduates to assist their Alma Mater and instanced the course of three Acadia College graduates who, on the last Encoenia day, pledged themselves to contribute $100 each within one year to the endowment fund of that college. The President's remarks were happily chosen and were listened to with marked respect and attention."

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