1917 Fredericton Encaenia

Graduation Address

Delivered by: McLeod, Ezekiel

"Address to the Graduating Class" University Monthly 36, 7 (MAy 1917): 201-202. (UA Case 67, Box 1)

Chief Justice Sir Ezekiel McLeod gave a short, informal, heart to heart address or rather talk, to the Graduating Class. In the course of his remarks he pointed out the great advantages of a liberal education and congratulated the graduates on their work as a class, it being of a high standing as was shown by the large number receiving honors, distinctions, medals and prizes. He also spoke of the patriotism displayed by the class in sending half or over of its total membership to battle for the cause of right. But although he stated any reasons why boys and girls should obtain an education, is chief advice to the class was to enter heart and soul into whatever was chosen as a life work. One should not be satisfied with present attainments, but should ever keep looking forward and upward to higher and greater things, to be ready to seize every legitimate advantage, and to be awake to every opportunity for advancement. He laid special stress upon this point, that whatever was entered into in the business world, if success did not come as quickly as was expected, not be discouraged, but to try, try again until success crowned the efforts as each one had now the necessary knowledge. Each graduate's success was from now on in his or her own hands and he wished one and all prosperity.

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