Bennett, Richard Bedford

Degree conferred: Doctor of Laws (LL.D.)

Orator: Cattley, Robert E.D.

to be Doctor of Laws

Most illustrious President and the whole University I present to you

Richard Bedford Bennett

of this our province a son, scholar and master, and of this whole Dominion the Prime Minister, that he be admitted to the degree of Doctor of Law.

Educated for the Bar, the illustrious title which he won for himself in defending his friends he later, like a second Cicero, employed most fortunately for the benefit of the Commonwealth as a whole.

In the early days, when the condition of the township of Calgary was then wavering and much at sea he cast his eyes upon it, rescued it, fostered and established it, and the membership for that city, of which he himself was "so great a part", for six years in Parliament of the Dominion he most nobly held, until he was elected Premier of the said Dominion himself.

Now however, as one who is universally acknowledged as a most learned lawyer and in the realm of finance as an expert, he has been successful in attaining the credits of the Nation by his sound and prudent actions.

Furthermore, proving in Foreign Affairs a Minister of no lesser calibre, he presided at the Imperial Conference and those leaders of the British Empire assembled then for that most weighty debate, he sent homeward like a true Father of his Country rejoicing into a future of peace and pro[s]perity.

Most Illustrious President, what is there which the industry of this man has not awakened, his knowledge not enriched, his felicity not adorned or his humanity not restored to health.

I bear witness, then, that insofar as all our Statutes require he is not merely fit, but the fittest - and entirely the most suitable candidate.

From: Honoris Causa, UA Case 70

Cattley, Robert E.D. Honoris causa: the effervescences of a university orator. Fredericton: UNB Associated Alumnae, 1968.

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