Graduation Address
Delivered by Wu, Yee-sun

Convocation Address (20 February 1987) (UA Case 66, Section 3)

Today I feel greatly honoured by the conferring of the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters upon me by the University of New Brunswick, Canada. Indeed the honour came as quite some surprise. I very much appreciate Dr. Downey’s most kind remarks about me, but I do not think I deserve them.

The University of New Brunswick is an institution of higher learning of world renown. It has a long history of over 200 years. Through the years the University has successfully educated a great number of men and women of high calibre. It was fortunate that a few members of my family had the privilege of being educated there. In being made a doctor of the University today I have also become a member of the University.

Dr. Downey mentioned that I was a distinguished Penjing artist and banker. I do not claim to be a distinguished banker who has achieved much in the field of banking. It has been more than fifty years since I founded Wing Lung Bank in 1933. I have always believed that the business of banking would be of help to the economic development of the society. We have done our best in trying to attain this goal. Thanks to the unfailing support and confidence of customers, fellow banks and good friends, Wing Lung Bank has been able to make some progress, thus contributing our small share to the growing economy of Hong Kong.

As regards Penjing, my forebears were interested in the culture of the art. Therefore as a small boy I already began to be attracted to it. However, I started as an amateur. In recent years, since I have handed over everyday banking management to the younger generation of Wing Lung Bank, I have got more time on my hands to pursue the art further, to exchange views with lovers of the art over the world, to share our knowledge and enjoyment of Penjing. My hope is to acquaint the Western countries with the culture of Penjing, so that this exquisite art which originated many, many years ago in China may be promoted in other parts of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen, amidst your tight schedules you have taken time today to honour this occasion with your presence. To you I am deeply grateful.

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